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Traumatic Injuries


Red Mountain Endodontics care is always available for patients who have experienced a traumatic injury.

Our team is always here for you. We offer comprehensive emergency endodontic care for our patients in the Mesa area who have experienced a traumatic dental injury. If you’re suffering from a dislodged tooth or other issue, don’t try to bear the pain alone.

Come in and let us help alleviate your discomfort and provide you with meaningful relief. We care about each one of our patients, and we want you to be comfortable and happy. If you’ve sustained a traumatic injury to your teeth, we can help.

Dislodged Teeth

If one of your teeth is forced out of its natural position due to injury or accident, we can help put your tooth back in its place. In some cases, root canal therapy may be necessary, depending upon the damage done to the tooth and tooth root.

If the tooth is partially forced out of its socket, unwanted bacteria can cause damage or infection to your dental pulp. In these cases, endodontic treatment can help remove the unwanted bacteria, relieve your toothache, and keep you safe from further damage from the infection.

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Knocked Out Teeth

In many cases, we can save an avulsed tooth using root canal therapy. If one of your teeth becomes knocked out during an accident, come see us immediately!

After the tooth has fallen out, the best thing to do is to try and re-insert the tooth back into your tooth socket. If the tooth cannot be re-inserted, be sure to keep the tooth damp and moist before your dental visit. Place the tooth in a container of milk, with some added salt, and bring the tooth to our office as soon as possible.

Our treatment for an avulsed or knocked out tooth depends on the circumstances. We will consult with you individually to determine the course of endodontic treatment that best meets your needs.

We Can Help Restore Your Oral Health After an Emergency

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