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Your First Visit

For your first consultation, the best way to prepare is to fill out your medical history, your dental history, and review the HIPPA agreement.

Click here to begin filling out your forms. Simply print out your completed forms, and bring them to your appointment. The other option is to fill them out in the office when you arrive. If this is your plan, be sure to arrive a little early.

Once you’re ready to be seen, here’s the basic order of how your appointment will go:

  • A review of both your medical and your dental history.
  • A clinical examination.
  • A radiographic or x-ray examination.
  • Diagnosis.
  • Treatment options.
  • Treatment scheduling.

Every now and then, treatment can be taken care of on the same day as your consultation. No matter what course we choose to take, we will keep in close contact with your general dentist to keep him or her in the loop with the treatment we provide and the recommendations we make.

It’s important to come prepared. If you have any or all of the following 4 items, please bring them with you to our office:

  • The referral slip provided by your general dentist.
  • X-ray documentation.
  • A list of your current medication.
  • An insurance card.

BE ADVISED: A parent or legal guardian MUST accompany Patients under the age of 18-years-old at the time of his or her consultation visit.

Give us a heads up if:

  • You have a medical condition (i.e. rheumatic fever, artificial joints, artificial heart valves, heart murmur, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) that could be of concern prior to any recommended treatment.
  • You’re on medication (i.e. anticoagulant therapy, aspirin, heart medications, etc.).
  • You’re allergic to any medication (i.e. aspirin, penicillin, sulfa, etc.).

Enhanced X-Rays

When it comes to x-rays it’s the more the merrier. We will take several x-rays throughout your examination and your treatment. It’s important to document your progress. Especially when we’re able to do so through digital radiography. DEXIS is a highly advanced dental x-ray system that gives us the ability to see everything. Similar to the digital cameras you use everyday, the DEXIS system allows us to zoom in, enhance quality, manipulate or magnify images, and help us to achieve accurate diagnosis. You might even want to take a look with us! It’s pretty cool.

Some general dentists will include the x-rays they’ve taken with your referral slip. We will add these x-ray images to the images we take during both your treatment and consultation.

Your Comfort:

We understand that some of these treatments can be rough. Sometimes more so on the mind, than the physical. That’s why provide laughing gas to comfort and relax you through the process. There is an additional cost associated this, but if you’re interested, please let us know before the day of your treatment.

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